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Ballarat Cabaret Festival
Nov 18

Steve Abbott & Paul Livingston
The Sandman and Flacco

Steve "The Sandman" Abbott & Paul "Flacco" Livingston exhume the scattered remains of their own characters in 'Forevelyn': a touching tribute to themselves, the men behind themselves, and the two women behind the men behind themselves.

Combining stand-up comedy and sit-down musings, these two legends of Australian comedy share stories, readings, and revelations regarding their fictional creations, including the never before revealed contributions of their deceased mothers (both named Evelyn).

Their beloved alter egos, The Sandman & Flacco, have their own views on these matters of the heart and are on hand to offer advice to their aging creators. Both of their egos, altered or otherwise, are survived by the skin of their teeth, elevated toilet seats and the age pension.

Featuring sublimely adequate musical talents and original songs trumpeting their slow demise into irrelevance and beyond.

Presented by Ballarat Cabaret Festival

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Festival Club Variety Show

After our mainstage show, Ballarat Cabaret Festival kicks on till late with the Festival Club.

Drinks, music, and cabaret fabulousness! Featuring operatic cabaret sweetheart Issie Hart, plus extra special guest entertainers and other surprises.

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